70,000 people are forced from their houses by flooding in southern Brazil

70,000 people are forced from their houses by flooding in southern Brazil
On May 4, 2024, people are taken from a flooded area in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, using a skid steer loader. According to the nation's civil defense agency, the number of fatalities from floods and mudslides brought on by strong storms in southern Brazil has increased to 58, with Porto Alegre, the country's largest city, being especially badly affected. (Photo by: ANSELMO CUNHA)

The southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre has been particularly badly affected by deadly flooding, mudslides, and torrential storms that have forced nearly 70,000 people from their homes, the nation's civil defense agency said on Saturday.

According to civil defense, raging floodwaters have caused 57 fatalities, 74 injuries, and an additional 67 missing persons.

Two fatalities from a blast at a flooded gas station in Porto Alegre, where rescue workers were trying to refuel, were not included in the toll. The explosion was seen by an AFP journalist.

Officials found themselves rushing to drain flooded areas while locals battled in disarray to locate a safe haven.

Additionally to the 69,200 people who had to flee their homes, the civil defense reported that over a million people were without access to drinkable water due to the flooding, and they estimated the damage to be incalculable.

Long lineups developed in many locations as passengers attempted to board buses, despite the cancellation of bus service to and from the city center.

News Source: https://globalnation.inquirer.net/234581/floods-in-southern-brazil-force-70000-from-homes