Prohibition of cellphones in school: Gatchalian pursues

Prohibition of cellphones in school: Gatchalian pursues
Gatchalian: K-12 promises unfulfilled, ‘about time’ for review by HANA BORDEY, GMA News

Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian suggests to Department of Education (DepEd) the prohibition of cellphones in schools.

The proposal of the senator on the basic education committee, Sen. Gatchalian, was made in order to force students to read books instead of spending time scrolling on social media.

On dwIZ radio, he stated, "We cannot control them outside of schools, but we can control them inside, where the DepEd has the authority to issue a policy prohibiting phones in classrooms and during class hours. We can also come up with a bill that will have the force of law."

The senator filed the proposal because he is concerned that the high usage of screens and social media among Filipino students has resulted in low reading comprehension.

"You can see that students are using their phones during lunch or breaks instead of reading books or studying. If adults are addicted to phones, imagine how much more are the children?" the senator said.

He added that by pursuing the proposal, we can also address the issue of young people using the internet excessively, which affects their mental health and learning.

Gatchalian stated, "Over the weekend, I read new research showing that excessive use of gadgets and cell phones has a negative effect on the youth."

There has been a previous Congress for a cellphone ban in schools that can be revived by the Senate, Sen. Gatchalian added.

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