Newly discovered Halo-Halo Store, ‘Halo-Halo Story’, Opens Fourth Branch Just in Time for Summer

The fourth branch of “Halo-Halo Story” has been newly opened in Quezon City with a stunning twist on the traditional Filipino dessert halo-halo—replacing shaved ice with frozen cow milk. Its main objective for the CEO, Duncan Yu, is to expand its name to other locations in the country by forming standalone shops. The sort stocks well-liked flavor Ubeng-Ubeng ube, coming at a lower rate for first clients. Existing branches include those in SM Pasig and SM Sta. Mesa, among others, has drive-through outlets situated at Quezon Avenue.

Newly discovered Halo-Halo Store, ‘Halo-Halo Story’, Opens Fourth Branch Just in Time for Summer
Halo-Halo Story


In the center of Quezon City, in White Plains West, Halo-Halo Story, a stand alone store, has opened its fourth branch, Halo-Halo Story, a halo-halo store that is unique and will truly  relieve you of your summer stress


The stand alone store has been garnering attention from customers yearning to beat the summer heat with a serving of Halo-Halo Story's best cold dessert. Halo-Halo Story will be open daily at 11:00AM.


The chief executive officer, Duncan Yu, who marks the opening of his fourth branch in Quezon City  is offering its customers the best-selling flavor, The flavor Ubeng-Ubeng ube, for as low as P4 per serving to the first customers who visit Halo-Halo Story during their opening. The opening of their store in White Plains West will surely be popular among the masses.



Halo-Halo Story also has other branches besides White Plains West, Quezon City, they are located in SM Pasig and SM Sta. Mesa food halls, as well as a drive-through along Quezon Ave. in Quezon City.


The Halo-Halo Story is very unique and special. There are many Halo-Halo brands, but none has imagined replacing the shaved ice with frozen milk as a base. Duncan Yu said, "It's the consistency and taste of the frozen milk we use which sets us apart." Furthermore, he also mentioned, "Others have followed our style for texture, but we manage to make every serving consistent."


Duncan Yu's long-term goal is to open many branches in malls, resorts, and all over the Philippines with their stand alone store take-away concept.