Quaker Oats Introduces New Peanut Butter Flavor to Their Product Lineup

Quaker Oats Introduces New Peanut Butter Flavor to Their Product Lineup

Pepsi-Co is introducing a product to its range, with the New Protein Peanut Butter Flavour


Quaker Oats stated that this launch will enable retailers to meet the demand of protein products, especially for gym people who always require daily protein.


Furthermore, Quaker Oats Peanut Butter Protein will have a unique taste that is distinguishable to other peanut butter brands, a design that will surely attract customers.


"Protein porridge has become more widely available, so it's no longer only for consumers hoping to improve their athletic performance—it's also for regular consumers who want to support their overall health and wellbeing. Being the top brand in the hot cereal industry, we're well-positioned to boost consumer enthusiasm and encourage active lifestyles with our NPD," said Quaker Oats, UK General Manager, Divesh Parmar.


Additionally, he stated: "By emphasizing our range's taste credentials to stand out on shelves, our new pack design will also help us attract Gen-Z and Millennial consumers."  As well as the taste-led design, our new pack emphases the health credentials that consumers are looking for such as ‘high in protein’, ‘100% wholegrain’ and ‘natural energy release’. We are sure that the redesigned Quaker Protein line will help the targeted Gen-Z and Millennial audience achieve their lifestyle objectives and contribute to the category's gradual growth."


Quaker Oats New Protein Peanut Butter Flavor will be available at Asda stores, with a price of £3.50 per piece and it will be launched to the market worldwide.