Student protests in support of Palestine have spread to other countries

On Friday, pro-Palestine student protests made their way to Tokyo's Waseda University, where a demonstration against Israel's continuous offensive in the Gaza Strip was held.

Student protests in support of Palestine have spread to other countries
On Friday, May 3, 2024, Japanese students will stage a demonstration at Tokyo's Waseda University. Student demonstrations in favor of Palestine started at Columbia University in April and quickly expanded to other nations. (Image sourced: ANADOLU)

Numerous students are gathered in support of the Palestinian people, while carrying banners and placards with anti-Israeli slogans like "Free Palestine, Save Gaza," and chanting "Free Palestine, free Palestine, and Palestine will be free." The protest is captured online.

Amidst growing calls for divesting from Israel, students and activists also established camps at major Australian universities, including Sydney.

Around 150 Gaza solidarity encampments have been set up across the US as a result of the pro-Palestine protests that took place on Australian campuses.

Amidst the pro-Palestine demonstrations, US authorities have arrested over 2,000 individuals, including students. Both Canada and France have witnessed student protests.

Another demonstration in support of the Palestinians in Gaza was organized by University College London (UCL) students in London.

The Bloomsbury campus's main building has about a dozen tents set up outside of it; access is restricted to students only.

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Columbia University students started protesting Israel's offensive in Gaza on April 17 in response to the attacks of Hamas on October 7, which have resulted in over 34,600 Palestinian deaths and 77,700 injuries.

For the larger movement against Israel's genocide in Gaza, the protests have provided a focal point.

Palestinian health authorities report that since October 7, Israel has continued its onslaught on the Gaza Strip, resulting in at least 34,622 Palestinian deaths mostly in the form of women and childre and 77,867 injuries.

Following a Hamas cross-border attack that, according to Tel Aviv, claimed almost 1,200 lives, Israel has been pounding the Gaza Strip.

At the International Court of Justice, Israel is charged with genocide. Tel Aviv was mandated by an interim ruling in January to cease acts of genocide and take steps to ensure that civilians in Gaza receive humanitarian aid.

But despite this, hostilities have not stopped, and the humanitarian crisis is still glaringly unaddressed by the aid that is being delivered.

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