The Philippines earned nominations in the 2024 World Travel Awards (WTA)

The Philippines earned nominations in the 2024 World Travel Awards (WTA)


This time in 2024, The Philippines proudly earned an aggregate of seven nominations in the 2024 World Travel Awards (WTA). According to PNA GOV PH, these nominations include; nominations for Asia’s Leading Beach Destination, Asia’s Leading Dive Destination, and Asia’s Leading Island Destination. Also, the City of Intramuros, known for its walled structure full of history during the pre-colonial period in the Spanish period has also been nominated a new as Asia’s Leading Tourist Attraction, and Boracay, known for its white beach sand as Asia’s Leading Luxury islet Destination, and Cebu as Asia’s Leading Wedding Destination. Meanwhile, amid these successes, the Department of Tourism (DOT) of the Philippines entered a new nomination for Asia's Leading Tourist Board which shows the DOT's nonstop commitment to presenting the world's trip assiduity to the Philippines's colorful lodestones, and rich history.

As of now, the voting is still open until July 29 through

This made the Philippines take the position as a premier destination in the global tourism landscape. This achievement made the Philippines' diverse attractions, exceptional hospitality, and enduring appeal to tourists from around the world. As anticipation builds, all eyes are on the Philippines, being exceptional on the international stage of travel excellence and all of these nominations made the Filipinos couldn’t get any prouder with all these incredible rewards with the help of every organization that took part in preserving the philippine outstanding tourist attractions.

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