Wall’s Pastry has launched two new quiches.

Wall’s Pastry has launched two new quiches.

The proprietor of the brand Wall's Pastry , The Compleat Food Group, has publicized the launch of its two new quiches.


Wall's Pastry new quiches come in two distinct flavors, Cheese & Bacon and Cheese & Onion, developed to valve into single serve occasions in an order that's dominated by numerous own- brand marker products in family homes format.


Wall's Pastry quiches are made with extra mature cheddar rubbish, single cream, and dijon mustard, encased in a shortcrust pastry. The Cheese & Bacon quiche is stuffed with beechwood smoked british bacon while the Cheese & onion quiche is packed with fresh onion and red leicester rubbish.


When we set up that there was a demand for lower quiche sizes, as well as a lack of any strong brand dominance within this space, we knew we had an occasion to add commodity fresh to the order. Our succulent new quiches will give shoppers the confidence that what they ’re picking up not only tastes great, but also won’t go to waste," said Jason Manley, brand director at Wall's Confection.


Likewise he also said “ This is just the launch of an exciting time for Wall’s, with fresh launches in the channel that will satisfy further occasions and offer people indeed more ways to enjoy traditional confection classics in a format that suits them. ”


The Wall's Pastry quiches weigh 170g and are available to buy in UK retailers now for an RRP of£ 2.