Why support local tour guides?

These are the reasons why you should support local tour guides

Why support local tour guides?

If you ever noticed, local people, or local tourists, take a look at the prices of the sold goods in a tourist place and think, no. They didn't want to buy it due to it either being too expensive or they have seen it cheaper from other places. This situation also applies to tour guides. Some people think that their trip is good on their own without a tour guide. But these are the reasons why you should support your local tour guides:


Supporting a local tourist guide is a simple thing yet powerful. Unlike other, Large tour companies or international chains, local guides are often referred to as independent entrepreneurs because possessing the knowledge of their place is their internal treasure that can be shared with tourists. By giving tourists these services, it already contributes to supporting the local community. Each tour booked represents more than just a transaction; it symbolizes a partnership in economic beauty.


Imagine yourself navigating a place on your own and having trouble with going through an unfamiliar path. But then a local tour guide lends you a hand giving you the knowledge of the place. Local tour guides provide a depth of knowledge and insight that transcends mere words on a page. Because of their strong familiarity with the place’s history which includes the culture, directions, and traditions, these guides offer a narrative giving you to picture the lives of the surroundings.


New knowledge is acquired day after day and old knowledge often fades away in today's generation. But now that you as a tourist have this historical information thanks to the local tourist guides from the area, you have the ability to record the history by helping to preserve their unique culture and supporting the continued existence of customs and sites that help define a community's identity. 


Local tour guides recognize diversity within people which gives you an opportunity to have a personalized experience while traveling that suits your preferences. Whether you seek different food adventures in bustling markets, historical insights in the place, or off-the-beaten-path exploration in remote landscapes, local guides possess the flexibility and expertise to craft personalized experiences for you to resonate with your desires.


In addition to serving as local tour guides, they are also acting as entrepreneurial ambassadors for their community, providing a doorway to a genuine cultural immersion. Through their interactions with these guides, visitors not only learn more about the area but also get a deeper awareness of the human ties that cut beyond geographical boundaries.


Supporting local tour guides eventually reflects a dedication to ethical travel and meaningful interactions with the areas you as a tourist visit; it goes beyond simple practicality. When tourists decide to travel beside these tour guides, they start on a journey of discovery.

Do you support local tour guides? What do you think are the other reasons why we should support local tour guides?