Wonders of Burundi: World's poorest country

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Wonders of Burundi: World's poorest country

Burundi is statistically the 185th poorest country in the world and also ranks as the 53rd smallest country in the world, safe to say life in Burundi is hard because the levels of poverty make its citizens' life miserable although even the amount of poverty this country 


Can we say it's all that bad economic value isn't? After all, are there several factors for a country to be considered a “bad country" especially when it's a country like Burundi where it has a vast cultural background? For that, We need to look closely into Burundi culture and livelihood to answer that question but first let's say how Burundi ranked poorly with the rest of the world, their poverty is mostly the result of natural disasters, floods, and landslides that devastated their crops, houses, animals and other necessary structures frequently around Bujunga and Gitega resulting in financial struggles and with dwindling food supplies land and other crucial resources 

But despite all this the people of Burundi have ensured and showed determination and strength, Holding their cultural identity to their heart the people of Burundi still stayed strong.


The culture of Burundi consists of local traditions, including mainly songs and dances, stories and also poetry, and gatherings, They also have a variety of instruments for their dances mainly,

Amashako (traditional drum), Ifirimbi (whistle), Umwironge (flute), Urukayamba (rectangular rattle), Inzogera (bell), Ikembe (lamellophone),. While there are other regional festivals in Burundi, New Year's Day is the busiest and most extravagant celebration, with feasts, traditional dances, and drumming. See the delightful Burundian drummer performances by asking your hotel if they can get you tickets.

They also have a lot of good sightseeing places if you ever want to visit including the vibrant capital city of Bujumbura, Their iconic monuments such as the Mausoleum of Prince Louis, And also take a picture at their iconic monuments such as the Rwagasore and Pierre Livingston Et Stanley Monument, Frolic in the beautiful parks and 

visit Rumonge City, where the best beach is in the country of Burundi and also saga resh is located, They also have the second deepest lake in the world at lake Tanganyika. Burundi despite its shortcomings

Has testified itself to still be a good country despite its economic downsides we can also only hope that things get better for the people and be grateful for what this country has to offer.

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